Women With Schizophrenia Share The Hardest Thing About Their Illness

As mental illnesses like anxiety and depression become more accepted in the mainstream, schizophrenics still suffer from arguably the worst amount of stigma.

It’s also one of the hardest and most expensive to diagnose and treat.

For example there is no single laboratory or brain imaging test for schizophrenia – which seriously interferes with a person’s ability to think clearly, manage emotions and make rational decision making abilities.

Schizophrenia is a cognitive mental disorder that impairs a person’s ability to function in terms of everyday life.In addition doctors must often times rule out other factors before they can properly diagnose the disorder, such as brain tumors, medical conditions and other psychiatric diagnoses, such as bipolar disorder.Needless to say this is very expensive and time consuming – so many doctors don’t bother doing it. In such cases however they are only passing the buck – so to speak – to someone else or another provider network down the road.

Making matters worse schizophrenia varies wildly in terms of individual expression, according to the uniqueness of the person involved.As such no two people suffering from schizophrenia are exactly alike, although they may share similar psychiatric symptoms. They must therefore be treated as individuals not subsets or groups.

In more extreme cases people suffering from symptoms of schizophrenia  may hallucinate or hear and see things that are not real or seen by others. Making them social outcasts within society.Some people who suffer from schizophrenia  may also be prone to violent or emotional outbursts which make them appear as threat to themselves or others.

Schizophrenia Another difficulty is that many people who suffer Schizophrenia can’t put a “voice” to what is happening inside them, as the disorder is often characterized by a general disorganized speech pattern exhibited as an inability to generate a logical sequence of thoughts and ideas. This is greatly frustrating to the individual who suffer from this disorder – as you can imagine. This in turn leads to other problems such as an increase risk of suicide.

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