Will Donald Trump Be Remembered As One Of The Greatest Presidents In Our Lifetime?

Robert Kennedy Jr dropped a Trump sensation live on CNN, saying that Donald Trump could be “the best president ever.” To liberals, there is nothing more awful than if a liberal says that President Donald Trump isn’t an awful person. Unless they do it live on CNN. Furthermore, that liberal happens to be a Kennedy

Wear Lemon began by asking Robert Kennedy Jr how he felt about examinations between the Trump family and the Kennedys. Obviously Lemon expected that RFK Jr would shoot that line of reasoning down.
Lemon wasn’t set up for what came straightaway.

“Well I think Donald Trump can be any sort of president he needs. He has this phenomenal open door since he’s coming into office less loaded by commitment than presumably any president in our history, with the conceivable exemption of Andrew Jackson,” Robert Kennedy Jr said.
“Them two, Jackson and Trump, came in, individuals were sickened, individuals were insulted, and he moved toward becoming, unless you were a Native American, a great president at protecting the nation against corporate power, and truly democratizing American from multiple points of view.

He said to Leonardo di Caprio that he needs to be the following Teddy Roosevelt, and he can without much of a stretch do that.”

Lemon was in stun now, and didn’t know how to fill the last seconds of the meeting. He staggered and made an inquiry that didn’t bode well: “Do you think the new Kennedys, do you imagine that is a reasonable rivalry?”
“Like I stated, I figure he can be any sort of president he needs, I figure he can be the best president ever,” Robert Kennedy Jr said.

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