The mechanism of action for new Drug is different from other drugs used for ulcerative colitis treatment. The new drug, known as a leukocyte traffic inhibitor, prevents white blood cells from gathering in the area of inflammation. It specifically targets the gut, leading to fewer infections than immunosupression drugs, which dampen the response of the entire immune system.Those who suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases experience dificulties like diarrhea and a nagging urge to defecate.

The conditions can lead to serious complications, such as intestinal bleeding, colon cancer, and bowel obstructions. Sometimes, a portion of the bowel needs to be removed to bring ulcerative colitis patients relief.Some existing drugs used for  the Ulcerative Colitis Treatment do not work for Crohn’s patients.Others cause a serious, often fatal brain disease called progressive multifocal leukoencephalitis (PML).In both studies, about half of the subjects had failed other therapies, Sandborn said.In many cases, study participants with ulcerative colitis experienced complete healing of the bowel.However, five people in the Crohn’s disease study died during the trial.