Ulcerative Colitis Treatment: Study Finds Cannabis Proves Beneficial For Patients

A new clinical study broadcast in the journal Pharmacology and by the National Institute of Health has found that cannabis is constructive for ulcerative colitis treatment infect over a million people in the United States. Many IBD victims suffer from pain, diarrhea and poor ability to digest food, and up to half of IBD cases are so extreme that they eventually require surgery to remove the affected bowel segment.

In the study conceptual , Schicho and Storr note that In time-honored medicine, cannabis was widely and mostly used to treat and cure bowel disturbances and inflammation, and a recent clinical study now shows that the medicinal herb Cannabis sativa lived up to presumption and proved to be highly efficient in cases of ulcerative colitis treatment.The Crohn’s Forum notes that the body produces substances called Endocannabinoids or Endogenous Cannabinoids.

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