New Drug For Treating Arthritis Is Very Dangerous:

My husband suffered from a mild adverse reaction to fluoroquinolone antibiotics three years ago. He went on to develop psoriatic arthritis from his floxing approximately one year later. Psoriatic arthritis is a painful skin and joint inflammatory condition. He avoided taking any medications for this condition until just recently.This past week he saw our rheumatologist who prescribed a brand New Drug for Treating Arthritis that has just come out on the market. The drug is called Otezla.

The doctor suggested that the Otezla, for the most part seemed harmless, and its side effects seemed nothing compared to all the other toxic drugs out there to treat this condition. So, my husband said he would give it a try and started the Drug for Treating Arthritis, three days ago.Individuals prescribed this drug begin at a lower dose, 10 mg and titrate up to near a 100mgs within about month.Currently, because Otezla is so new Drug for Treating Arthritis, patients can only get the drug from their doctors. Physicians are being given one month trials of the medications from the pharmaceutical company to offer to their patients. If it works, the patient then orders directly from the manufacturer. Pharmacies are not distributing it yet.

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