Top 5 Games This Christmas For Children With Dyslexia

1- WordsWorth

WordsWorth is a word game which requires players to form individual words from a seemingly jumbled set of letters. Different letters award varying levels of points, encouraging users to search for alternate, higher scoring words. This game can help children with Dyslexia practice recognizing and forming words while giving them the enjoyment of trying to beat the high scores of friends and family.

2-Draw Something

Competing against friends and family in a non-competitive Draw Something match can be a fun way to practice comprehension of both textual and non-textual communication. The game requires users to select from a list of words and create a drawing, tasking the opponent with guessing the correct word. Users take turns drawing and guessing, stringing together letters to form their guesses. Children who suffer with Dyslexia will find benefit in identifying words with the help of visual counterparts, working together with a partner to learn new words, phrases and spellings.

3-Words With Friends

Words With Friends functions similarly to an electronic game of Scrabble. Users are given various lettered tiles to place on the board to create words. Points are awarded based on length and the types of letters used. The game can be played against a friend or family member, making it serve as a great opportunity for kids with Dyslexia to learn to spell new and unfamiliar words with the help of a parent, as well as identify familiar words created by their opponents.


PuzzleJuice combines elements of Tetris and Scrabble, as users battle to fit differently shaped blocks into rows while simultaneously spelling words. When a row is completed, the blocks transform into letters which players must then arrange into words to make the blocks disappear. PuzzleJuice offers an excellent opportunity for kids with Dyslexia to expand their vocabulary and become more comfortable arranging letters in new ways to form a variety of words.

5- Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix is a 2D problem-solving game that requires users to summon objects into the game world by spelling them out. Traversing through different levels, players can create an enormous variety of useful objects for their character Maxwell to use, simply by typing them into the game. Scribblenauts offers a fun way for kids with Dyslexia to practice spelling skills and expand their vocabulary, as the game will suggest words if players happen to misspell a word. In order to create an object, it must be spelled correctly, so player can’t progress if until they correct their mistakes.

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