Amazing Gifts People With Multiple Sclerosis Really Want For Christmas

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for People With Multiple Sclerosis
1. Unlimited Vacation Days

Going to work on the days when the fatigue wants to settle in would be a thing of the past! with multiple sclerosis A free pass to stay in bed whenever we feel like it would be perfect!

2. A Vacation to a Place With a Perfect Climate

When we need to relax, we need to do it in a place that feels like baby bear’s porridge — not to warm, not too cold, just right!

3. Personal Chef

Too tired to cook? Having a hard time creating recipes that are helpful for your MS, but delicious to boot? A personal chef could take care of all of your culinary worries and keep your belly full to boot!

4. Ear Plugs to Drown Out All the ‘Helpful’ Suggestions

No, Aunt Margie. I haven’t tried bee sting therapy yet. I will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.

5. Personal Cheering Section

A team of people wearing t-shirts with our name on it them. They could follow us around everywhere just to let us know that we got this!

6. Puppies, Lots of Puppies

Of course puppies! Who wouldn’t want puppy cuddles for Christmas? Make sure you bring a dog trainer along to take care of all the feeding and potty training and stuff. We just want the cuddles.

7. Breakfast in Bed, Every Day!

Waking up would finally be something we can look forward to! No more wondering if we are going to wake up to disease progression. We can just wonder if we will wake up to pancakes!

8. Love and Cuddles

Because we still have MS, and hugs help.

9. Laughs and Good Times With Friends and Family.

Big belly, face hurting, eyes watering laughs we can carry with us until we meet again!

10. A Cure

Because we want to wake up and think of our time with this disease as if it were just a bad dream.

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