This Teenager Born With Cerebral Palsy Walks For The First Time To Get Diploma

An Oklahoma high school teenager named Micah McDade spent his whole life confined to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy. But when it came time for him to graduate, Micah decided he was going to make the walk to get his diploma, no matter what it took.this teenager walks for the first time to get diploma.

 McDade had been secretly working to build up his strength in the months leading up to graduation. He shocked his classmates by getting out of his wheelchair and receiving his diploma with the assistance of a walker.  you can hear the audience of parents and peers erupting with applause when Micah McDade finally takes his first steps. The camera then pans to show that the crowd is giving Micah a standing ovation.As McDade is helped back into his wheelchair, the graduation announcer can’t help but express his emotions.“Micah has had cerebral palsy since birth,” 

According to Cerebral,cerebral palsy is the general term that medical community uses to identify a group of neurological disorders that affect a person’s ability to move. It is considered a life-long brain injury or malformation that happens during the child’s development and is “non-progressive,” meaning the condition does not get worse with time. And, as Micah McDade has shown, hard work and physical therapy can actually help a person with cerebral palsy get a little bit better — or at least increase mobility.Everybody at Okmulgee High School was aware of Micah’s cerebral palsy and had ever seen him out of his wheelchair even once. They had no idea that he was planning to literally walk for graduation.

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