Common Mistakes Women With Endometriosis Make Do Not Overlook

Common Mistakes Women With Endometriosis Make And What They Should Do To Improve Their Situation

Not chasing Other Options besides Surgery or Drugs:
Endometriosis sufferers are predominantly treated with pain medications or more ambiguous surgeries. Regrettably they are rarely told of other options by their doctors. Women With Endometriosis often find themselves in my office after years of strong pain killing medications or multiple laparoscopic surgeries. They were not aware of other treatment options.  The good news is, this disease has several amazingly effective treatments which doctors are not properly educated about.
Taking the Birth Control Pill To Help Endometriosis
Many doctors suggest taking the birth control pill continuously (no period) for multiple months. This stops the period from coming and if no period, then in most cases no pain.  The problem with this mode of treatment is it doesn’t solve or help treat the cause, the endometriosis! It only stops you from getting your period.  As soon as Women With Endometriosis stop taking the birth control pill and their periods return the pain and other symptoms also return. For women who are wanting to get pregnant this obviously isn’t a good option either.


Could Your Morning Muffin Make Your Endometriosis Worse?
Although not likely the cause of this disease the food we eat can often aggravate this condition. By limiting some very common foods such as gluten can show a remarkable improvement. One of the most common steps in my treatment plan for women with endometriosis is to help them identify some of the triggers in their diet.  By eliminating these foods Women With Endometriosis can notice a significant improvement within 1 month of starting. If you have period pain and have switched to an anti inflammatory diet you are missing a big piece of the puzzle.
 What Happens When You Keep Taking Pain Medication?
The pain associated with endometriosis can make popping pain pills the norm. What are these medications doing to your body? This is a significant finding for anyone trying to get pregnant! A 70-90% reduction in ovulation is almost an effective type of birth control!Even if you are not trying to conceive long term use of these pain medications can cause health problems.
 Do Nothing – Not Treating Endometriosis
If you suffer with painful periods and tough it out through the other discomforts associated with endometriosis you may be doing more damage. Endometriosis is a progressive disease and generally intensifies with time. This means in most Women With Endometriosis it gets worse if no action is taken. Untreated endometriosis slowly spreads to new areas and can create “islands” of effected tissue on different organs.

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