Weight loss surgery (WLS) also known as bariatric surgery is considered the most successful form of treatment for morbid obesity. Bariatric Weight loss surgery  helps provide patients with a tool to get to a healthier lifestyle and in order for surgery to be successful there are many behavior modifications, emotional adjustments, and lifestyles changes that need to occur. The success from Bariatric Weight loss surgery is measured in many ways, on the scale, through measurements, and through personal, physical, and mental accomplishments. The National Association for Weight Loss Surgery (NAWLS) has provided and identified 10 things that bariatric patients make after surgery. By reviewing this list I hope that  patients can be successful in achieving their Bariatric Weight loss surgery goals and be able to identify any things that they may be making.

After Bariatric Weight loss surgery it is extremely important for patients to take these vitamins, supplements, or minerals. Patients will be on a very low calorie diet after surgery and will not be getting all the nutrients they require through their diet therefor it is essential that they take supplements daily to maintain adequate levels of vitamins and minerals in the body otherwise vitamin deficiencies can occur.

Surgery is not a cure, it is a tool. Each Bariatric Weight loss surgery provides patients with a tool to help improve obesity and its co-morbid conditions. Surgery itself does about 40% of the work but the remaining 60% must come from the patient.

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