After New Stroke Treatment Patients Can Walk Talk And Live A Normal Life

Doctors have reversed the symptoms of stroke in a major medical breakthrough.Patients regained the ability to walk, speak and have a normal family life, thanks to a procedure requiring only local anaesthetic and a single night in hospital.Remarkably, the stem cell treatment was shown to work even three years after someone had suffered a stroke – meaning that millions of people could potentially benefit from the new stroke treatment.Eighteen patients underwent the procedure in an initial trial – with stunning results.

Despite the long gap between stroke and treatment, all 18 patients in the pilot showed increasing improvement for the 12 months they were tracked after the operation.Nearly half showed ‘clinically meaningful’ results – which meant the procedure had a significant impact on their lifestyle.One patient who relied on a wheelchair, unable to properly use her legs, has since taken up jogging.Another woman, who could barely get to her feet before the operation, has since walked down the aisle and is now expecting a baby with her new husband.And another, completely paralysed apart from the use of her left thumb, has regained the ability to walk.The treatment, carried out by scientists at Stanford University in California, is thought to be so effective because it triggers the rapid regeneration of brain circuits damaged during a stroke.

There are 1.2million stroke survivors in Britain – many who have never recovered their independence.More than 150,000 people have a stroke in England every year, with patients suffering paralysis, speech problems and personality changes.Experts last night stressed that we are several years away from the treatment being rolled out to all stroke patients – because far more testing is needed before the procedure is proven to be completely effective.The experiment was only set up to establish that the treatment was safe – which it did – but 18 patients are not enough to show that it will work on all people

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