New Menopause Hot Flashes Treatment Improve Lives Of Millions

New Menopause Hot Flashes Treatment pill could end misery of the ‘hot flush’ without raising risk of breast cancer

British doctors have found a Menopause Hot Flashes Treatment for women.The pioneering pill will not increase the risk of breast cancer – unlike the existing Menopause Hot Flashes Treatment, hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Scientists said last night the ‘very important’ advance could drastically improve the lives of millions.Developed by a team at Imperial College, London, the new Menopause Hot Flashes Treatment works completely differently from new pill, which raises the danger of breast cancer by around a quarter if taken for five years or more, according to pill artificially maintains oestrogen levels.

Dr Prague explained that the flushes are triggered by the release of a brain hormone called neurokinin B in response to dropping oestrogen levels. The Imperial team found that rats given neurokinin B experienced the rodent equivalent of a hot flush but when they were given a drug to block its effect, the flushes stopped.

They then discovered a compound called AZD4901, originally developed to treat schizophrenia, which they believe could stop hot flushes. Dr Prague and her colleagues want to recruit at least 30 women to a four-month trial on the drug.She said: ‘If all goes well, we would be very hopeful it could be in routine clinical practice within five years, with GPs able to prescribe it instead of HRT.

‘It could be hugely significant for women who can’t take HRT, or for those who continue to suffer from flushes despite using hormone replacement.’She stressed the drug would not help with other menopausal symptoms such as mood swings.

Dr Tim Hillard, a menopause expert at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said HRT was recognised as an ‘effective Menopause Hot Flashes Treatment, particularly in the management of hot flushes’, by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.But he said its risks and benefits varied from woman to woman.He added: ‘Finding safe and effective alternatives to help these women, as well as those women who would rather not take HRT or who wantMenopause Hot Flashes Treatment specifically for one symptom such as hot flushes, is very important.’