New Gym Open For Children With Autism And Special Needs

Special Needs We rock the spectrum opened its doors for the first time to children in north west Iowa Saturday, with the slogan ‘finally a place where you never have to say I’m sorry’.This is a place that we can come and feel safe and not have to worry about the behaviors or the outcome of what the day is and that our children can just come and play,” said Rachel Brunsting, who is the owner of We Rock the Spectrum.Burnsting says she decided to open the gym after struggling to find a place where her son’s needs could be met.“I have a son who has autism and I was looking for someplace to go play and I began searching and couldn’t come up with a place local,” explained Burnsting.

All the the equipment here at We Rock the Spectrum is sensory safe equipment.“I think that it’s vital for the children to be able to burn energy and to get the materials and the help that they need,” added Burnsting.The gym is designed to cater children with autism or special needs.Phillip VanDonge’s son Kyle is on the autism spectrum. He also says it was difficult to find a place Kyle he could enjoy.“He likes being active and playing with other kids. It’s kinda hard for him to go to a park and it’s kind of limited to the things he can actually do or will do in a park,” explained VanDonge.After visiting We Rock the Spectrum, he believes it’s the perfect place for Kyle.“This is something he likes , just running around, swinging. He loves trampolines, he loves swings,” added VanDonge.

But the gym is not solely for children with special needs.“It’s awesome! There’s something for everyone of all ages, from the trampoline to the zip line. We have an 18-month old crawling through the tunnel, the swings and it’s very safe for kids of all ages,” said Katie Christoffel, mother of three.Christoffel brought her three children in to play, she says a place like this essential every community.“Everybody’s been getting along great. I just think this is an outstanding place to bring kids. Kids all learn different, kids all play different, so I think it’s a good place to have close to home,” Christoffel added.

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