New Cerebral Palsy Resources You Should Know About



United Cerebral Palsy: Educates, advocates and provides support services to ensure a life without limits for people with cpFrom home ownership to health care reform, inclusive education to competitive employment, UCP has established itself as a leader in the disability community.





 Cerebral Palsy Family Network: The CP Family Network mission is to provide information to all cp families about diagnosis, treatments and resources for their child and to provide information and legal resources to families that suspect a preventable birth injury may have caused their child’s CP.

 Cerebral Palsy Support Network: The Cerebral Palsy Support Network is dedicated to providing information, resources, and support to children and adults with CP, as well as working helping their families cope and understand CP.

CDC Cerebral Palsy Research : CDC has been studying cerebral palsy (CP) since the early 1980s. This information can help us look for causes and risk factors of this disease, evaluate the effectiveness of prevention efforts, raise awareness of the signs and symptoms, and help families and communities plan for services.

Cerebral Palsy Research Registry: 

Cerebral Palsy Research Registry (CPRR) is a multi-institutional collaborative effort whose primary mission is to improve our understanding of this disease Representatives from Northwestern University Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and the University of Chicago have developed and continually improve the CPRR to promote research and new discovery in the field of this disease.

 Columbia University Center  Research: Research projects in this center focus on improving the lives of children with physical disabilities. The staff includes highly skilled physical therapists and occupational therapists and a psychologist, and consultants, including a pediatric neurologist and social worker.

 Love That Max: Ellen Seidman started Love That Maxi in October 2008 as an inspirational, informational, occasionally irreverent blog. She regularly writes about her son, Max, who was born with this disease. In addition she writes about topics that are relevant to special needs families.

 Aaronverse :Recently profiled in the New York Times, Aaronverse is a Tumblr blog where Aaron Philip writes about his life dealing with his disability, and how it makes things different for him. He also post drawings, Frederator things, Pusheen stuff, Adventure Time and anything interesting.

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