Multiple Sclerosis info: 5 Benefits Of Using Medical Cannabis

Multiple Sclerosis info: 5 Benefits Of Using Medical Cannabis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a painful disease that needs better treatment than what’s conventionally available. The National Multiple Sclerosis info Society says on its website that development of more treatments to symptoms of the disease is one of its priorities.

1. Cannabis reduces pain

While there is a plethora of anecdotal claims to draw from to suggest that cannabis in general eases pain, a particular Multiple Sclerosis info study at the University of California at San Diego backed up the claim in 2012. The study was done specifically on multiple sclerosis patients and the findings were that the plant had decreased pain and spasticity, which is muscle tightness. While some of the 30 participants were given cannabis, others were given placebos is Multiple Sclerosis info. The cannabis group showed pain scores that were half as the placebo group.

2. Side effects of conventional MS drugs can be relieved by cannabis

Some of the side effects that can occur from taking pharmaceutical drugs for treating multiple sclerosis can include stress, depression and fever. These problems can last for days to months. But medical marijuana can be used to reduce these factors as well as give the patient a sense of well-being.

3. Weakness and pain in legs can be helped by cannabis

Some patients who appear to be bound for wheelchairs have claimed that medical cannabis helps them walk. A 1997 study done in the US and UK of 112 MS patients published by the European Journal of Neurology found that 70 percent of respondents who used cannabis claimed improvement in several symptoms. Weakness in legs was one of the symptoms, along with pain in legs and spasticity when walking.

4. Animal studies of MS point to greater survival rate from medical cannabis treatment

A 1989 Multiple Sclerosis info study headed by W.D. Lyman and published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology used rats, mice and guinea pigs with MS and found that THC treatment worked much better than placebo treatment. The study found that 98 percent of the placebo group died compared with 95 percent of the THC group that survived during the progression of the disease. The THC group showed a significant reduction in inflammation of brain tissue.

5. Since a cure for MS isn’t known, the benefits of cannabis outweigh its possible side effects

One thing that MS and cannabis have in common is the medical community doesn’t seem to have many answers to their mysteries. Scientists, for example, seem to be dark about the side effects of medical cannabis, multiple sclerosis cures and how to speed up the research on both.

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