Common Miscarriage Grief Stages

Although there are many different models of despondency , the most commonly accepted version has five Miscarriage Grief Stages. These five despondency Stages look heterogeneous on all of us, but there are always five denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.After a loss, not every woman goes through the Grief Stages in the same way. We can’t be forced into the next stage before we are ready –we have to go at our own pace. We may go one step forward then take two steps backward, and this is all part of the process. As always, this is individual. here is five Miscarriage Grief Stages.
Grief Stage 1: Denial: “It’s not happening”: In the first stage, denial, we often act as if everything is still as we wished it to be. There is often little emotion and no crying. We don’t even accept or unquestioned our loss. Sometimes this stage will last only a moment, and for others it may last for quite some time.

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