Study Shows Marijuana Is Best For Scoliosis Treatment

Why Marijuana is best for Scoliosis Treatment?

Study Shows Marijuana Is Best For Scoliosis Treatment. Smaller curves may call for observation as well as physical, occupational and chiropractic therapy while more severe curves often require bracing or surgery. Medical Marijuana and Scoliosis and Medical Marijuana Use Not surprisingly, scoliosis can be painful for the sufferer. The more severe the curve of the spine, the more painful the condition may be and the more the condition may interfere with daily activities and enjoyment of life. Traditional treatment calls for therapy, bracing or surgery — all of which may increase the pain level in the short run. In addition, all traditional treatment methods may cause additional inflammation within the spinal column and surrounding ligament and muscle systems.

Anti-inflammatory medications, as well as opiate based medications, are frequently prescribed for scoliosis patients; however, opiate based pain medications carry a high risk of developing a dependency as well as a host of other potentially negative side effects. Medical marijuana is an option for scoliosis patients that offers both anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits without the negative side effects of some traditionally prescribed medications. Scoliosis and Medical Marijuana: Clinical Evidence The benefits of medical marijuana as a pain relief alternative have been well studied by the scientific community.

Another recent study also looked at the ability of medical marijuana to help sufferers with chronic pain. In that study, patients who smoked three marijuana cigarettes a day reported a 34 percent reduction in pain compared to those who did not ingest medical marijuana. For a scoliosis sufferer, chronic pain is often a way of life. Although bracing and/or surgery may eventually go a long way toward correcting the curve, the pain associated with walking and functioning with a curved spine may be part of daily life for years. In addition, the treatment meant to correct the problem often increases the pain level in the process of attempting to correct the problem. medical marijuana also contains Cannabidiol, or CBD, which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory The CBD found in medical marijuana, therefore, can also help to reduce the inflammation caused by the curving of the spine and/or treatments that are aimed at straightening the spine.

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