13 Amazing Things People Who Have Lupus Wish Others Understood

13 Things People Who Have Lupus Wish Others Understood

1. Lupus affects young people too. I always get ‘you’re too young to be sick like that.’” — April Hernandez

2. I am not faking, and I am not trying to ‘get better.’ There is no ‘getting better,’ there is only ‘getting by.’” — Jennifer Elliott

3. “I wish [people] understood the sudden feeling of overwhelming sickness that overcomes me without warning when I have to go home early or cancel… Friends get mad or they don’t even want to be my friend any more and it hurts.” — Liv Colantro

4. “This autoimmune disease changes your life and you as a person.” — Annette White-Haas

5. “When you have to cancel plans last minute, it’s because you really are not feeling well. The reality of living with lupus means plans can’t ever be set in stone.” — Denise Gallardo

6. “One of the symptoms of having lupus is a lack of emotional, mental and physical energy. That precious energy needs to be distributed thoughtfully in all aspects of life.” — Ritzie-Fierce Apellido

7. I will always be sick. I may have better days and worse days, but I will be sick and in pain from lupus every day.” — Tristen Wuori

8. “I believe that you care about my well-being, [but] please trust that I keep myself as informed as possible and make the best decisions I can for my own health. It is, after all, my life on the line.” — Julie Pruitt

9. “We can’t always be powerfull and keep up with life every day. Sometimes we just need a break and [to] lie in bed.” —Tricia Badowski

10. “I am fighting the good fight the best that I can.” — Danna Cook Lamphere

11. “Although you may not see it on the outside, my insides are falling apart.” — Bridget Cooney

12. “I rarely ask for help but that doesn’t mean I don’t need it.”Rebecca Albertson-Zeigler

13. “Lupus affects all of us in different ways and some days are a challenge, but we aren’t giving up”–Shantell Brown.

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