The Amazing Side And Positives Of Living With Bipolar Disorder

The fight to find peace and happiness can be an elusive battle in the bipolar II brain. However, I often times find myself battling the stigma of bipolar disorder. I choose to look at the positive side of bipolar Disorder instead of the negative side of bipolar. So let me give a quick background of myself, and then I will talk about the positive side of bipolar.I come from a good family with great parents. Truly my parents’ marriage and love for each other is something I admire and want. I had some tough things happen to me in a private school that forever shaped who I was. I excelled at school and then went to university and did well there while I was racing skiing. This is when I really started to see my bipolar disorder  manifest in hindsight. Keep in mind I wasn’t diagnosed until 36. At the time I had no idea what it was, but I saw the highs and the lows. When I was high I was doing really well at everything, but when I was low, I wanted out of this life.

So here is what I a believe is so good about bipolar:

  • Who else can have 50 thoughts in his head at once and somehow manage to recognize each one of those thoughts and discern which thoughts to listen to and which ones to discard?
  • Who can feel at the levels that we do? Not too many people can see life how we see it. No judgment values on others. We see the highs, and during those times the colors are brighter and more vivid. We see the lows and the darkness, too. However those highs and lows we can share with other people and somehow enhance their world.
  • We are more empathetic than most because of the darkness we face. We can be there for others in their dark moments because we know what it’s like to be alone in our dark moments. We wouldn’t wish those dark moments on our worst enemies.
  • Our brains work at lighting speed to disseminate information quickly — sometimes too quickly but I would rather have the quickness that not at all.
  • Our capacity to love someone else is huge because of our illness. We can love others extremely deeply and show them love that is not the norm.
  • We are super passionate people who can light up a room quickly and get others out of their dark places.
  • We can brainstorm ideas like nobody’s business because of our brains.