Here’s The OTHER Story About ‘The Liberal Sherpa’ Who Accused Hannity & Tucker Carlson Of Se**ual Misconduct

Opinion| Carmine Sabia| Some of the claims made against Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, who were named in a suit with former reporter Ed Henry, are so ridiculous they are laughable.

The woman, Cathy Areu, a former guest on Carlson’s show who goes by the name Cathy Areu “The Liberal Sherpa” was one of the accusers.

The charges are beyond flimsy according to author and YouTube personality, Mark Dice, as he explained in a post he shared on Twitter.

They’re coming for Tucker Carlson with a sexual harassment lawsuit from Cathy Areu the “Liberal Sherpa” who claims she was ‘tied to a chair’ while Tucker ‘changed in front of her,” he said.

DETAILS: She had a mic on from the segment, and he put on his jacket after the show ended!” he said.

Wearing a microphone as someone changes a jacket is a far way from being tied to a chair as someone changes.

But it gets better. Areu sat for a photo with Carlson for the cover of her Twitter page.  Keep in mind this is allegedly the same man she says sexually harassed her.

“Is it just me or is it weird to use a picture of you and someone you’ve accused of sexual misconduct against you as your cover photo?” The Blaze reporter Jessica O’Donnell said.

The allegations against @TuckerCarlsonin this lawsuit are particularly difficult to believe. No TV guest that does as much TV as the plaintiff waits around for the producers to unhook the mic and ear piece post hit. Nobody feels bound and tied by those,” Rep. Matt Gaetz said.

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