Girl Battling kidney Cancer Gets Ride To Final Chemo Session In Fire Truck

A 6-year-old California girl battling kidney cancer befriended members of her local fire department, and they were on hand to give her a lift in their station’s truck to her final chemotherapy appointment.The Moraga-Orinda Fire District drove Finley Brown to Oakland’s UCSF Benoiff Children’s Hospital on Monday, Dec. 21, reported. Her younger brother Cooper, 4, also was invited on the ride. Finley had befriended the firemen at a festival over the summer.“We’ve always taught our kids that whenever they see a fireman or a police officer or a soldier, it’s nice to approach them and thank them for keeping us safe,” Finley’s mother, A.J. Brown, told

One of the firemen, Lucas Lambert, told the news station that Finley marched right up to the group of firemen at the festival and started talking to us with a “ton of confidence.”“She wasn’t shy at all. She introduced both her little brother and babysitter to us and had no problems asking questions. And then she went on to tell us her story and started showing off her scars and telling us what she had been through the past month or so,” Lambert told firemen got to know the Brown family and even launched a fundraising campaign to send them to Disneyland in April.“She’s definitely excited to get back to regular kid stuff,

In addition to getting to know the family and becoming close friends with Finley, the Moraga Orinda firefighters planned a fundraiser that raised money for the Browns to go to Disneyland once her treatment was complete.“They’ve just been incredible, fireman Lucas in particular,” A.J. Brown told TODAY. “Like we didn’t have enough reasons to love firemen already! They put their lives on the line to keep people safe every day, and on top of that, they do amazing things like this.”

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