Hollywood Stuntman Who Worked On Movies Dies After Battling Gastric Cancer

stuntman has died of gastric cancer at 27 age.Trevor Habberstad drudge or worked on the movies X-Men: Days of Future and X-Men: annihilation. He has a long list of stunt commendation on his records that are American Sniper, Ant-Man, Passengers, The Dark Knight Rises and many TV shows on which he was invited.His brother, Shane, is a stuntman, as was his father, Jeff. Habberstad upend eight months fighting the disease, which his family had high hopes of him fight, but then it develop to his brain about a week and a half ago. The young stuntman was in Hawaii with his family after unabridged a film when he first grumbled of stomach pains, announced the Hollywood Reporter.

Doctors at first thought he might have appendicitis and they should operate as soon as possible, but it turned out to be gastric cancer. originally , things looked positive. Trevor wrote on Instagram: ‘Today is regularly Day #1 of my biggest and most gnarly adventure to date. I was diagnosed last week with an insistent and very rare form of stomach cancer. But, it’s also very improvable. Only a minor speed bump on the road to awesome.

‘But once the disease spread to his brain, there was nothing doctors could do. Jeff posted an emotional farewell to his son on Instagram, along with a picture of them skydiving together.’My biggest fear in life would be to outlive my child. That nightmare has happened,’ the message read.’I spent over 8 months watching my first-born son Trevor fight this horrible rare disease. He never complained once, never said “why me”, never gave up, never lost hope, never considered losing as an option.

‘But that disease was relentless. Every time he would start to make a gain, it would change direction and punch him in the gut. ‘And he would get back up and lead the new charge. I am so proud. ‘I don’t know how I can live without him, work without him, play without him. I miss him so much.’Bryan Singer, director of several of the X-Men films paid a glowing tribute to Habberstad on Instagram.’In my 20 year career I have never lost a friend/colleague this way. He and his entire family are among the kindest people I have ever met. My heart goes out to them. ‘His passing is the very definition of the word UNFAIR.