Gastric Cancer New Therapy

Gastric Cancer diagnoses can be devastating for a patient and their family. Not only is the condition painful and arduous, but survival rates can be relatively low, depending on the stage in which the cancer is discovered. However, a new experimental therapy lies on the body fighting the disease with its personal immune system, is helping many patients with gastric cancer live longer life than ever imagined .For the phase 2 clinical experiments , 161 patients with latest and advanced gastric cancer were given the innovative and more technical treatment.

The study was presented Sunday at the final meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago.The immune therapy treatment employs an antibody called IMAB362, which targets Claudine 18.2, a specific protein found on the surface of cancer cells.Part of what makes cancer so hard to fight is its ability to “hide” from the immune system. Because the immune system does not identify  cancer as being a dangerous threat, it does not try to fight it off. This new treatment trains the immune system to identify a specific protein on the surface of gastric tumors.

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