Woman With Gastric Bypass who weighed 413lb after gorging on Eight McDonald’s sheds half her body weight after suffering stroke

Mother With Gastric Bypass who weighed 413lb after gorging on EIGHT McDonald’s a day sheds half her body weight after suffering a stroke and extreme weight loss left her with saggy skin

A threat and dangerously  fat mother With gastric bypass who debauch on eight McDonald’s every morning and spent thousands of dollars a month on takeaways has disclose her improbable transformation. Tiffaney Anderson, 26, from Brigham City in Utah, weighed 413lb (29st 7lb) thanks to a fast food addiction that saw her gorge 11,000 calories worth of burgers, pizzas and fizzy drinks each day.

The full-time mum of two, who says being browbeat by her father and her classmates invigorating her overeating, underwent a gastric sleeve operation and a mini gastric bypass after her weight stimulate a stroke. Now Tiffaney is virtually unrecognizable after shedding an unbelievable 240lb (17 stone), and is fundraising to help pay for surgery to remove her excess skin so she can finally ‘feel beautiful’.

The mother has told how her junk food addiction cost her $8,000 per year – and said she once racked up a $1,600 credit card bill on takeaways in a single month. It was the mini-stroke she suffered while six-months pregnant with her second child that made her vow to change her life before it was too late.

‘I would constantly eat fast food every day no matter what, my diet was so high in calories that I was gaining weight very easily,’ she said.’While travelling to work, I would order four egg, cheese and sausage McGriddles and a large chocolate chip frappe.’Then 20 minutes later I would be back at McDonalds, for a second time, ordering the exact same thing before going into work.

Tiffaney added: ‘I was made fun of in high school, called ‘beached whale’ and ‘fat cow.”I would walk onto the bus and people would ‘moo’ at me.The extreme weight placed onto her legs also caused her bones to bend inwards resulting in Tiffaney losing three inches in height and suffering bone problems.Tiffaney said:

‘I couldn’t fit into a CAT scan machine when I was 400lb and I had so much fat around my heart the echocardiogram couldn’t pick up my heartbeat.Tiffaney’s life radically changed after having a gastric sleeve operation and then a mini-gastric bypass last year – which in total led her to lose 17 stone (240lb).The extreme weight loss left her with saggy skin that she’s trying to raise $15,000 (£12,000) to have removed.