Dangerous Gastric Bypass Surgery Side Effects That May Surprise You

Dangerous Gastric Bypass Surgery Side Effects That May Surprise You

Dumping Syndrome: The medical confraternity suspect and believes  that one of the common gastric bypass surgery side effects, hypoglycemia, may be caused by a infirmity known as dumping syndrome. Since gastric bypass surgery limits the size of the functional stomach, a very large amounts of undigested food can spill over (an extension of something especially when an excess exists) and be dumped directly into the small intestine that is very dangerous effect on our body.Many patients will feel the effects immediately and suddenly after eating, while symptoms and causes may not show up in others for up to three hours after a meal. This is one of the most common gastric bypass side effects, and it can also result in enormous nausea, diarrhea, or painful abdominal hamper.

Hypoglycemia:Hypoglycemia is one of the most serious gastric bypass side effects. People who suffer from hypoglycemia have so much insulin and not enough glucose in the bloodstream, cauing in an imbalancing that can cause critical medical issues. The suggestions for hypoglycemia often includes eating proteins and slow-acting carbohydrates to make more blood glucose, but this can cause problems in gastric bypass patients who are limited in the amount of food they can eat at any given time. Hypoglycemia can have swift and severe complications, including extreme sweating, seizures, excessive hunger, dizziness, confusion, shaking, elevated heart rate, and even blackouts.

Gallstones:More than one third of previously obese bariatric surgery patients experience gallstones, one of the painful gastric bypass side effects. Gallstones often occur during substantial or rapid weight loss when clumps of cholesterol and other substances form small masses in the gallbladder. Obese adults are more prone to gallstones because they often produce a higher level of cholesterol than the body can dissolve, or because their gallbladders do not function adequately to begin with.

Nutritional Deficiencies:A gastric bypass limits the amounts of calories the body absorbs, which also limits the amounts of nutrients absorbed. In addition, gastric bypass patients must limit the amount of food they eat. If they do not pack their small meals with nutrient-dense foods, malnutrition can easily occur. Any nutritional deficiency can easily result in severe medical conditions, including anemia, metabolic bone disease, or osteoporosis.include in Gastric Bypass Surgery Side Effects.

Incontinence:Fecal incontinence is one of the least-discussed gastric bypass side effects, but it can be one of the most emotionally devastating. Popular weatherman and gastric bypass patient Al Roker had an embarrassing public episode while at the White House, and it has helped to make some of the more common gastric bypass surgery side effects more public.