Gastric Bypass Patients Shed Massive Amounts Of Weight Risk Their Lives To Get Rid Of Unsightly Skin

A group of persons with gastric bypass who have collectively lost nearly 5,000lbs are going under the knife to have their unsightly excess skin removed on the series Skin Tight.The second season of the dramatic TLC reality show airs on March 1, and features 20 male and female with gastric bypass who have lost hundreds of pounds each but are still weighed down by the skin that is hanging from their figures.’This skin is a prison,’ one man admits in the heartbreaking preview for the upcoming season.Each of the show’s participants is willing to undergo life-threatening surgery for the sake of removing the skin, which can weigh up to 50lbs.
The review clips seems us the show’s stars holding and stretching their skin in their hands due to this skin problem, as they agreed that they are still disgusted by their bodies and got too much irritated to, instead their implausible weight loss stories.’My skin looks horrible,’ one woman says, while another man agrees : ‘I am ashamed of my body and i always got to ashamed of it’. The men and women with gastric bypass have lost a combined total of 4,962lbs, and one man with muscular arms says his trim figure is hidden by the skin hanging off of his stomach.

‘There’s abs under there. I can feel them,’ he says while looking at his body in his bathroom mirror. One man has so much excess skin that it nearly reaches his ankles, and he admits he feels trapped in his body. ‘I have lost 260lbs, but I still feel disgusting,’ another woman confesses.Although her frame is petite, she has flesh hanging from her chest, stomach, and thighs. Although viewers will have to wait until the end of each episode to see the final results of their surgeries, it appears that many of their lives have been changed by their total body transformations. Meanwhile, the episode also highlights 39-year-old Julie’s journey. Although she was overweight nearly her entire life, the mother-of-four was able to go from 331lbs to 153lbs after having gastric bypass surgery.