Fibromyalgia (FM) is a commonly misjudged condition that causes widespread pain and fatigue. If you’ve been diagnosed with FM and are trying to learn all you can about the condition, you may come across some myths and misunderstandings about FM.The topmost misconception is that people consider FM is not an actual medical problem or that it is “all in your head.

” There’s a lot that’s unknown and unidentified about FM, but researchers have learned more about it in just the past few years.In people who have FM, the brain and spinal cord process pain signals in a different way. As a result, they respond more intensely to touch and pressure, with an amplified sensitivity to pain. It is an actual physiological and neurochemical problem.In our society, people incline to think that there is a cure or a fix for every medical problem. You go to the physician, expecting he or she will fix whatever is wrong with you with medication or surgical treatment.It is annoying to people with FM because the customary treatment methods is not effective. And it is also frustrating to health care workers because they want to help people.

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