This Is Amazing: ‘Miracle Baby’ Born Of Woman With Endometriosis

‘Miracle baby’ born after woman with endometriosis was told there was no way she could conceive naturally

A couple who were told four years ago there was no way they could have a child naturally have celebrated the birth of their ‘miracle baby boy.’ME sufferer Helen Laurence was told that she and husband Andi would not be able to conceive because they were both beset with a range of fertility problems. But after years of trying, one round of unsuccessful IVF, and what they thought would be endless heartache, the couple from York, have welcomed 6lbs 15oz baby Murphy into their world after a surprise pregnancy.About a year after they started trying for a child, Mrs Laurence, 32, developed pains in her stomach and a doctor diagnosed her with endometriosis.

Mr Laurence added: ‘I was downstairs, ready with a box of tissues for tears. When she told me the result was positive, I have never run up the stairs so fast.’The proud parents have now welcomed 6lbs 15oz baby Murphy into their worldMum Helen described how she realised how her dreams had come true when she arrived home with the new baby after a difficult 36 hour labour. She said: ‘It hit me after we got home and he was asleep.’I sat down on the edge of the bed and started crying, and said: ‘You’re so cute!’’I was crying but it was happy tears. I couldn’t believe that my body, which wouldn’t work for me, had created something so perfect.’

Andi described how he too had had tears streaming down his face. ‘I was chuffed to bits. We are still on cloud nine.’Helen, who was diagnosed with ME in 2007 but had suffered with the symptoms since she was a child, explained that her condition leaves her very tired and run down – which made it harder for her to conceive.’I get very tired and ill often, so the symptoms put strain on your body so it won’t conceive.’In a strange turn of events, Helen added that when the doctor arrived to assist in the final stages of the delivery at York Hospital, she was staggered to recognise him from her time undergoing IVF treatment at Seacroft Hospital, Leeds, West Yorkshire.