Common Misconceptions and Misinformation About Endometriosis

There’s a lot of Misinformation and Misconceptions about Endometriosis. Did you know 1 in 10 women live with this aching condition?As a loved one or sufferer of the disease, there are things you need to know.One day is not similar the other. We might feel great one day and completely rundown the next day. Unfortunately, it’s totally out of our control.We don’t like disappointing you. Most of us feel terrible if we have to cancel plans due to this chronic illness. Please don’t take it personally. We still like you.

Don’t tell us to get a hysterectomy. How would you feel if we told you to go yank out “personal or private influence”  your baby maker without any regard for what that might mean for your future? That is a HUGE decision and does NOT cure the disease. Frankly, it’s a bit offensive.

We aren’t faking it or seeking attention. You may have seen us wince in pain or double over at any given moment. I don’t expect everyone to understand, but this is a real disease with real pain. Fact.Listening and educating yourselves means the world to us. I had a friend that spent a whole night reading about  Endometriosis and then asked me questions the next day. Honestly, it was so touching that she wanted to understand.We are not lazy. I might spend more time resting than the average person, but that doesn’t mean I am lazy. Our illness is chronic, which means we fight all day, every day without a break. It is in our best interest to rest as much as possible.

We have special diets that help us feel better. Although it’s not always convenient, eating gluten free or dairy free or soy free really does help to lessen our symptoms.Ask us how we are doing. I love it when my besties check in on me or when my sister calls to see how I am feeling. It helps us feel like we aren’t fighting this alone.