Strange Causes Of Dyslexia That May Surprise You

Dyslexia is a common learning issue that affects reading and other skills. Researchers think genes and brain function might play a role inthis disease.. Find out what could cause this disease.

Genes and Heredity

Researchers looking into the role of genetics in dyslexia say it can run in families. If your child has this diseasethere’s a chance you or another relative may have it too. (Whether or not it’s been formally identified.) About 40 percent of the siblings of a person with this disease may have similar reading issues. Scientists have also located several genes associated with reading and language processing issues.

Brain Anatomy

Everyone’s brain is different. This is also true of people who have dyslexia. The ways that the different parts of their brains interact and connect to one another may be inefficient. Many experts believe that the problems people with this disease experience aren’t a result of the how their brains are structured. Instead, it’s more about how their brains function.

Brain Function

When we read, the brain translates the symbols we see on the page into sounds. Then it combines those sounds into meaningful words. Typically the areas of our brains responsible for language skills work in a predictable way. If your child has this disease those areas don’t work together in the same way. Kids with reading issues end up using different areas of the brain to compensate

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