Boy with Disability Finds Friend in Rescued Deaf Boxer

Little Boy With disability and Special Needs, Who Can’t Speak, Finds the Perfect Best Friend in Rescued Deaf Boxer

Brandi Guillet legally adopted son, Connor, six years ago with the full knowledge that he would have learning disability. At age six, Connor was  detect with Deletion Syndrome and still has no verbal communication skills. But when Ella, a deaf boxer who Brandi was fostering through Deaf Dogs Rock entered the house, Connor had no trouble communicating his immediate love for the pup. Brandi followed the wordless conversation easily and started the process to become Ella’s guardian.

Connor and Ella’s partnership is a match made in heaven: a boy unable to speak to the world finds a friend who cannot hear what people are saying to her. Despite their disability, these two share a relationship that is more harmonious than, most verbalized ones. Brandi shared, “The most BEAUTIFUL part of this adoption is my son and his dog can actually talk to each other! There is something to these two.” And she’s right.

Humans are not always the rescuers, sometimes we need rescuing and that’s where dogs like Ella step into the picture.

Brandi exclaimed, “I believe many special needs kiddos could benefit from these dogs!” Brandi’s thoughts have been echoed by many medical professional and the use of therapy dogs has become a commonplace tool for psychological and physical rehabilitation. Disabled dogs make especially good companions for disabled individuals because they provide much-needed motivation and inspiration for those around them. Special needs rescue dogs and cats are a delight to have around for any family, but if you are thinking about taking on a disabled animal, you should be aware that they require an enormous amount of time and energy it requires. However, if you are up for the extra work, you’ll be well-rewarded for your efforts!

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