Diabetes symptoms in men can come on quickly or develop over a period of time

Symptoms of diabetes depend on the type of diabetes, the specific individual, other medical conditions, and the person’s age. Diabetes symptoms in men can be difficult to recognize because the symptoms can mask other conditions such as heat exhaustion, dehydration, or other metabolic issues.

There are two types of diabetes mellitus that can affect men. Type I diabetes and type II diabetes. Type I diabetes is also known as juvenile onset diabetes or insulin dependant diabetes. Type II diabetes is also known as adult onset diabetes or insulin resistant diabetes.

Type I diabetes is typically diagnosed in childhood or early adulthood. With this condition, the pancreas does not produce an adequate amount of the insulin hormone. The insulin hormone is necessary to metabolize blood sugar properly. Without insulin, the blood sugar rises and the kidneys are forced to work overtime to rid the body of the extra sugar through the urine.

Type II diabetes is typically diagnosed in adulthood. However, there are many obese children starting to develop type II diabetes. This condition occurs when the body is unable to utilize the insulin hormone properly. The body becomes resistant to insulin. This results in increased blood sugar, as well.

The Early Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

The early symptoms of diabetes in men can include extreme thirst, frequent urination, and profuse sweating. Others symptoms can include urine, sweat and breath that smells like ripe fruit. These symptoms can come on quickly and be very obvious. They can also develop more slowly, over time. Additional diabetes symptoms can include breathing difficulty, shortness of breath, rapid breathing and rapid pulse. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, contact your doctor to discuss your symptoms and schedule a diabetes screening. If you are diagnosed with diabetes your physician will recommend a treatment plan.

Treatment for Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

Diabetes treatment varies depending on the diagnosis and severity of the condition. However, regardless of the type and severity of the diabetes, most physicians will recommend beginning a diabetic diet, keeping a food journal, beginning a regular exercise regimen, and monitoring and tracking blood sugar several times per day. People with type I diabetes are usually required to give themselves insulin injections several times per day. There are people who opt to have an insulin pump so they do not have to give themselves regular injections. If you have type I diabetes and are interested in the pump, speak with your physician to see if you are a candidate. Treatment for type II diabetes can also include oral medications to help the body absorb insulin. There are also naturopathic and herbal remedies that can assist with insulin absorption. If obesity is a factor, your physician might recommend a diabetic weight loss program or weight loss surgery.

As you can see, diabetes symptoms in men and the treatment for those symptoms can really vary. If you suspect that you are suffering from diabetes, it is important to get tested immediately. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to keeping the body healthy and well and maintaining your current lifestyle.