COPD Inhalers

An inhaler is a new device goods and chattels a medicine that you capture by breathing in (inhaling). Inhalers are repeatedly used to treat chronic uncooperative pulmonary disease (COPD). There are many different types of COPD Inhalers, which can be confound. The purpose of this leaflet is to give information on the medicines that are inside COPD Inhalers, the dissimilar types of inhaler device, and some well established information about inhalers.This leaflet is about COPD Inhalers. Another leaflet in this series, called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, gives more extensive information about COPD. There are also different leaflets called Asthma and Inhalers for Asthma.

The proper medicine name is called the generic name. Different drug companies can use the generic medicine and produce different brands – the proprietary medicine names. There are many different brands of inhalers. Inhalers can have generic names and be produced by different drug companies too. For some medicines there are different inhaler devices that deliver the same medicine. This means that there are many types of inhaler available on prescription, all of which are produced in different colours. This can be confusing.Because there are lots of different coloured inhalers available, it is helpful to remember their names, as well as the colour of the device.

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