Cerebral Palsy Sufferer Says The Iphone Gave Her Freedom

The majority of iPhone owners take the capacity to easily chat with friends and family on their phone for granted – but for some users, Apple’s technology has given them back their ability to speak easily with the world.Angela Reed, of Clydebank, Scotland, is living with cerebral palsy, but says some of Apple’s lesser known features, like Handoff and AssistiveTouch, have given her back her freedom.She was recently given a surprise chance to thank Apple’s CEO Time Cook for the firm’s efforts to develop the features – after bumping into the Apple boss in her.‘He was so lovely and I had asked the shop assistant to express my thanks to him, Reed with cerebral palsy told DailyMail.com.‘Even my lights at home are controlled through the WiFi, so I wanted to express that the work they do is making a very real difference to people’s lives.

Once the crowd at the store began to die down, Reed made her way up to Cook to speak with him about her experience with the iPhone.She told the Apple CEO that their smartphone and tablet changed her life and allowed her to do things she never thought would be possible.‘I used to have to write things down, or have people write things down for me,’ Reed told DailyMail.com.‘So the iPhone has made life so much easier and given me more freedom.’ Reed uses both her iPhone and iPad to write messages, which allows her to interact with other people – she has a difficulty verbally communicating because of her disability.‘iOS 10 has an accessibility feature AssistiveTouch,’ Reed  with cerebral palsy explained.‘This puts a dot on the screen and it enables me to reach features such as multi-tasking, gestures, volume, lock screen etc. – things that people who struggle with buttons will have difficulty with.’ ‘I found this by accident, so how many more people don’t know such a valuable tool is there?’ : Controls devices and helps perform gestures like a pinch, multi-finger swipe, or 3D Touch, and use Siri.

It finds and adjusts certain settings on a device like Volume, Rotate Screen, Lock Screen, and more.: Lets users swipe between menus, select apps and control the device’s screen using just head movements. When the Switch Control feature is enabled, it will scroll through and highlight different onscreen sections – including individual menus and apps.: Gives users auditory descriptions of each onscreen element and provides helpful hints along the way — whether you prefer using gestures, a keyboard or a braille display.: Lets users start work on one device, then another nearby device and pick up where they left off.‘Handoff is also invaluable, as it allows me to work across the platform, and my notes, reminders follow me from device to device.