A Man With Cerebral palsy Wows Audience With Incredible Show

Respect!”Steve Has Cerebral Palsy, But It Doesn’T Have Him. He Set Goals And Crushed Them!”

When Steve Alexy was just three years old his parents were told he would never amount to anything because he had Cerebral palsy .But now at the age of 43, he has smashed people’s perceptions and flexed his way to being a trophy winning bodybuilder.Inspiring footage from a competition in the US state of Virginia on Sunday shows determined Steve flexing his muscles and tensing his pecs.

This past weekend, the Natural competition took place in Norfolk, VA where natural body builders come to compete. One competitor in particular, Steve Alexy, has wowed spectators tremendously seeing as he has cerebral palsy, however he’s never let his condition slow him down. The 41 year old body builder began his fitness journey 16 years ago in order to improve his coordination and never looked back!ISteve hit the stage a few years ago and I couldn’t believe how dedicated he was! Well, a few years later he’s still just as dedicated and looks absolutely amazing. Steve has cerebral palsy, but it doesn’t have him. He set goals and crushed them! Your excuses aren’t valid.

In a congratulatory post for his win on Saturday, Steve’s friends over at OCB shed some light on his journey over the past couple of years.“Steve has Cerebral Palsy, and he has not let that stop him from living. His parents were told when he was 3 to put him away, that he would never be able to do anything. He started working out at his local Y and saw an ad for Anytime Fitness in Suffolk. When he met Chris, his trainer, they just clicked. Steve is a fantastic man. His mom says, “I wish more people with a disability of any kind would just try working out. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t because you have a disability.”Steve is just another example of how powerful the mind is. If he’s able to overcome his condition just long enough to work out or to compete in a body building competition, then that speaks volumes on his behalf. We all can decide to become better versions of ourselves!

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