Meet The Cerebral Palsy Family With Unimaginable Challenges

Meet The Cerebral Palsy Family With Unimaginable Challenges & Incredible Strength

They say that there’s someone for everyone in the world. For every man there is a woman with cerebral palsy, for every mate there is a partner, etc. This might be true – whose really tested it – or it may simply be the over-romanticized view of people wondering where their significant other is hiding. It is safe to say that there are some unusual combinations out there. But in the case of a couple you’ll see here, it appears they are a match made in heaven which was simply waiting for the Earth to catch up with.

The Daverts Are A Very Special Family They Are So Full Of Love And The Spirit Of Living

Missy Davert has what is known as “Brittle Bones” condition. It hinders her growth and causes her untold issues. It also requires her to use walkers and wheelchairs to get around. For some reason she doesn’t feel “handicapped.” Instead she follow the example of her mother and spends her time quilting and doing other crafts. She is married to a cheerful man who has cerebral palsy. And together they have your standard family life including a set of twins.

Yes, They Face Certain Struggles

Of course the duo – Michaela and Austin – also have the Brittle Bone condition. It makes life difficult for the Daverts but, once again, they don’t seem to care. They are so happy so full of life and so willing to share their story that in the video included in this piece you will wonder if there is any downside to their relationship or physical limitations. You also marvel at how upbeat and positive these people are.And Life Has To Accommodate Them, On Occasion.But The End Result Is Joy.As you can see the twins are like your typical teenagers. They worry about school, homework, boys, girls, a social life, etc. Mom and Dad, on the other hand, struggle with their own issues in order to make sure that they can provide for the family and keep a safe and comfortable household. While it may not be destiny that these two got together, it is clear that, since they have, life has been good. It certainly gives you credence to that the old “someone for everyone” adage.

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