First Ninewells Cerebral Palsy Baby To Survive Birth At 24 Weeks Turns 25


He was my miracle cerebral palsy baby’ — Born survivor Gavin turns 25.He was not expected to live through his first night but “miracle” boy Gavin McIntosh defied the odds and became the first Ninewells Hospital baby to survive birth at 24 weeks, in 1987.On Saturday Gavin, who has cerebral palsy, celebrated his 25th birthday with more than 120 guests at Queen’s Hotel in Dundee.His mother, Sandra Taylor, said: “It was a fantastic night and so well attended – it’s amazing to see how well liked Gavin is.“He was my miracle cerebral palsy baby and my last hope to have a child, as I had lost three others before him over a nine year period.“I went into labour at just 24 weeks and two days and was rushed to hospital, but I was too far gone.

“Gavin was born weighing just 1lb 10oz and he was the first one that Ninewells had at 24 weeks at that time.“In the 80s they didn’t have the technology they do now, so it really was a miracle as they didn’t expect him to survive the night, let alone 25 years.“We took him home on May 20, which was about two weeks after his due date – he still only weighed 5lb at that time.“He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy as a result of the traumatic birth, but we are very lucky, it could have been so much worse.”Sandra explained although Gavin uses a power chair and can only use his left hand, he still works part-time.Sandra added: “In a lot of ways he is like any other 25-year-old. He works on the radios at Brothock Taxis in Arbroath and the owner Linda Fraser has been so supportive of him.“He is such a happy person and is loved by so many people.

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