Unbelievable Cerebral Palsy Assistive Technology Allows Patient To Walk For The First Time

A 20-year-old South Carolina man with Cerebral Palsy who wasn’t expected to survive birth after he was born 10 weeks early and has lived his entire life with restricted mobility recently took his first steps thanks to the geniuses at Rex Bionics new Cerebral Palsy Assistive Technology, who were testing their $160,000 “robo-skeleton” in Tampa, Florida.

Privette and his family made the 11-hour trip to Tampa, where he was fitted for the device.For the first time in his young life, Dakota Privette has discovered how it feels to stand up and walk after new Cerebral Palsy Assistive Technology.At age 20 he took his first steps, courtesy of an “exoskeleton” robotic device made by Rex Bionics, an overseas firm with facilities in Great Britain and New Zealand.

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