Woman Poisoned Her Daughter With Cerebral Palsy And Epilepsy

Mother Poisoned Her Daughter Who Suffered From Cerebral Palsy And Epilepsy

A woman poisoned her daughter who suffered Cerebral Palsy And Epilepsy through her feeding tube during some of her 44 visits to hospital.The mother, known as RMW, drugged her then seven-year-old daughter, KW, with sedative chloral hydrate at John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, in 2013.The Crown has on Wednesday lost an appeal against her sentence after she was handed intensive corrections orders to be served in the community following a guilty plea.

A mother gave her seven-year-old daughter with Cerebral Palsy And Epilepsy sedative chloral hydrate at John Hunter Hospital (pictured), Newcastle, in 2013Before her arrest, KW had suffered 12 unexplained life-threatening coma episodes, doctors said.KW had been admitted to the hospital 44 times, 35 of which were unplanned or emergency visits.Doctor concerns her mother was inducing illness by drugging her with medication grew

Doctor concerns her mother was inducing illness by drugging her with medication grew (stock image)‘The OIC [officer in charge] observed the offender pour an unmeasured quantity of liquid directly from a bottle into KW’s PEG tube.‘The offender again poured an unmeasured quantity directly from the bottle into the PEG tube.’The Crown challenged the mother’s sentence at the Court of Criminal Appeal on concerns it was manifestly inadequate.RMW had been previously warned about the dangers of the drug and jeopardised the health and wellbeing of KW to keep her in hospital for the mother’s own benefit, the Crown said.


The mother has since undergone regular counselling and found a job, her lawyers said.The NSW Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal, despite acknowledging the ‘sentences imposed were manifestly inadequate’.The little girl has suffered brain damage since her birth at Gosford Hospital (pictured). She also suffered Cerebral Palsy And Epilepsy, the court heard‘Evidence before this court makes it clear that the respondent has made a good degree of progress in her rehabilitation since the sentences were imposed.‘Even more significantly, there is evidence that although the respondent’s children have been removed from her care, she has been able to re-establish, at least to some degree, her relationship with each of them.

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