Amazing: Benefits Of Using Cannabis To Treat Autism Spectrum Disorder

Since Kolt has been using cannabis to manage his autism spectrum disorder we’ve all seen vast improvements in many areas; behavior, social, motor skills, and cognitive performance just to name a few. When I met Kolt in
the Spring of 2015 he didn’t talk (maybe a word here and there his mom, Jamie, could understand, but
nothing that is considered speech), he ate with his hands, and would get agitated and upset easily. Once
Kolt started using cannabis regularly we noticed big changes quickly.Sometime in June of 2015 I was visiting Kolt and Jamie and I heard Kolt running through the house.saying things like “A is for apple”.the clearer his words became to me. Only three weeks after that he was reading simple words in the subtitles on
the music channel on TV.

Kolt would use food as a pacifier. As long as he was eating what he liked he was happy and not having a
meltdown. The problem was his favorite things were chicken nuggets, potato chips, Kool-Aid, and other
things that really aren’t good for anyone. This lead to Kolt being severely overweight when I met him at
age 7. Over time of using cannabis we’ve been able to introduce healthy options to Kolt and have him
accept them. Chicken nuggets, potato chips, and Kool-Aid are a thing of the past and have been replaced
with veggies, fruits, clean meats, and water.

Meltdowns are challenging for every  parent Autism Spectrum Disorder. Most often Kolt would have a meltdown when we don’t understand what he wants or needs, he’s in some sort of pain or discomfort he can’t explain, or his mind has formed such a fixed pattern that it has a hard time processing anything beside that pattern. Cannabis can quickly and effectively change this mode of thinking. Kolt is able to cope with trying to help us understand him. He’s also receptive to a new pattern and is more willing to explore options outside
of that pattern. His meltdowns can be diverted almost instantly.

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