Amazing: Cannabis Oil Save Woman After End Of Life Diagnosis With Ovarian Cancer

Cheryl Pearson has never smoked pot. Given just months to live after finally receiving a diagnosis of stage 4 ovarian cancer, the Lake Country resident was at first against the use of medicinal marijuana as part of her treatment.But after a tumultuous ride through Canada’s medical system, which for nearly four years had misdiagnosed the reasons behind the rapid decline in her health, the impairment of her motor skills and the loss of use of her  bodily functions, Pearson is now a believer in the controversial treatment.Today her ovarian cancer is in remission.

And while no one involved in her mainstream treatment is going to say it, it appears cannabis oil, made from the marijuana plant and administered to Cheryl by her family, played a major part in extending her life. It has given the family hope and has become a regular part of life for the Pearsons, a family of five, with three kids attending UBC Okanagan, including the couple’s oldest, who is now studying the effects of marijuana as a potential cancer-killing agent.It was 2009 when Cheryl’s health began to take a turn for the worse. Originally she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Over the next four years Cheryl’s health rapidly declined while she and husband Chris fought for a proper diagnosis and some sort of treatment.

They had gone from an active family travelling around the province and supporting their kids in sports like motocross, to people bouncing from one frustrating appointment to the next.It was during this time that Justin, an honour roll student at George Elliot Secondary, told his mom to hang on, asking Cheryl to keep fighting long enough so he could become a doctor and save her.“You feel like doctors should be able to provide the best to heal that person. In my mind that was when I made the decision that medicine was what I wanted to get into.”

As Justin turned his focus to becoming a doctor to save his mom, his parents continued their struggle to get help. four years from her initial MS diagnosis—they were finally told it was ovarian cancer after two large tumours were found. Doctors told the family to prepare to say goodbye and planned some final chemotherapy treatments.Driven to help his wife, Chris had taken to researching alternative treatments and found all kinds of wild tales of how to fight cancer. Finally a friend in the community called him over and told him about cannabis oil and how it had helped their family.Cannabis Oil Save her life.

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