‘Negligent’ Nurses Found Responsible For Boy’S Cerebral palsy

The boy’s mother instituted a claim of millions of rands against the hospital.

A young with CP (Cerebral palsy) boy’s life was destroyed by the negligence of nurses at the Netcare Femina Hospital in Pretoria.Their negligence resulted in Judge Hans Fabricius ruling in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria that the hospital was liable for the damages suffered by Audrey Makhanya and her first-born son, Olwethu, who has cerebral palsy due to a lack of oxygen during his birth at the hospital on Christmas day three years ago.

‘Negligent’ Nurses Found Responsible For Boy’S CP (Cerebral palsy)

Makhanya instituted a claim of millions of rands against the hospital and an obstetrician who attended to the birth, but the actual amount she must receive from the hospital will only be determined at a later stage.Mkakhanya was already in labour when she was admitted that fateful afternoon. She was taken to the delivery room, but nurses did nothing when she complained that she had very strong labour pains and that she had seen blood dripping down her legs.Her obstetrician only arrived at about 9pm and told the nurses to prepare for a caesarean section after three failed attempts to deliver the baby boy with suction apparatus and forceps.

Despite the baby being in severe distress, the caesarean section could not be carried out because the anaesthetist never arrived and the little boy was delivered naturally hours later, by which time he had already suffered severe brain damage.An expert testified that the extensive impairment to the baby boy’s brain had probably arisen at least three hours before his birth.Two specialist obstetricians said it appeared that the management of Makhanya’s labour had been plagued by an ongoing chain of unfortunate events that were not properly managed or attended to.Nursing experts said the nurses did not monitor the foetal heart rate properly or notice that the baby boy was in distress from as early as 4pm that afternoon, failed to act accordingly, and failed to call in a doctor immediately.Judge Fabricius found that the obstetrician had not acted negligently, but that the nurses who attended to the birth had been negligent, causing the baby’s CP (Cerebral palsy).He said it was inexplicable how the hospital could accept patients who might require the services of an anesthetist without sufficient arrangements to have one on stand-by.

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