Boy With Disability Amazes His Mother As He Writes A Christmas Song By Blinking

Schoolboy with disability who can only communicate with his eyes has written a Christmas song by blinking.  Adam Bojelian, 12, who has cerebral palsy, wrote the song with the help of mother Zoe, 52, who painstakingly pointed at letters until the festive track was complete.The Edinburgh family have now made the song available on iTunes and it has already attracted celebrity backing including from Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor.Adam Bojelian, 12 with his mother Zoe. He can only communicate by blinking his eyelids.

His delightful ditty, called the Christmas Gibbons, tells the story of how Santa only manages to deliver presents to children all over the globe in one night because he has an army of monkeys to help him out.Based on Adam’s poem called Christmas Gibbons, the song tells the story of how Santa can only deliver presents to children with the help of an army of monkeys.


Gibbons are fun at Christmas,
They don’t mind the snow,
Gibbons are fun at Christmas,
But there is something about them you don’t know.

They are Santa’s secret weapon,
They work on Christmas night,
Swinging across the roof tops,
They really are a sight.

They are Santa’s secret posties,
Bringing gifts wrapped in paper and ribbons,
You thought the reindeers did this job,
Now you know it is the gibbons.

Mrs Bojelian with Disability said: ‘Because it was a poem about Christmas, I made a list of festive words like snow and Santa and he would blink at the words he wanted to include.’We’d gone through this process and had a whole load of Christmassy words and then I asked ‘are all the words you want to use on your list?’ and he said ‘no’.’Baffled, she then started to point to letters on an alphabet chart and Adam carefully selected G followed by I.’I thought the word must be “gift” but then he chose B and spelled out the word GIBBONS,’ she added.’Once he had all the words he needed he put them in order. It took him a week to write all the words for the poem.

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