Benefits Of Using Cannabis As A Fibromyalgia Treatment

Many have heard the term Fibromyalgia, but unless you know someone who has this painful and debilitating condition, or have personally been dealt the “Fibro” card in life, it may be difficult to relate to a condition that people suffer from without a basic understanding of the illness.  A basic definition of Fibromyalgia will follow in short order.  Medical marijuana has been shown to be an effective Fibromyalgia treatment for patients. Cannabis has some definite pros and cons that it is best to understand, before going to see a marijuana doctor for a recommendation to become a legal state-qualified medical marijuana patient.

An important point to note is that marijuana doctors are not allowed to prescribe marijuana — if a physician were to ‘prescribe’ cannabis, that physician would be placing himself/herself in jeopardy of losing his/her medical license as a result of the federal schedule I status of the drug (even in states where cannabis has been made legal for medical or recreational purposes). The wording and language used to define the legal state’s laws, is written in such a way as to allow physicians to certify or recommend cannabis to patients, without having to jeopardize medical licensure.

So let’s dig in and take a deeper look at what Fibromyalgia means, who suffers from it, and how the therapeutic use of cannabis may benefit patients suffering Fibromyalgia.The Mayo Clinic says, “Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues.”  It is believed that Fibro changes the way the human brain interprets pain signals.  The initial precipitating trigger for the condition is not known.  WebMD has an interesting article highlighting expert opinions on both sides of the argument.  Donald Abrams, MD, for instance, says, “Marijuana has been a medicine for 5,000 years.  That’s a lot longer than it hasn’t been a medicine.”  He also says, “the war on drugs is really a war on patients”.

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