Omeprazole: It’s Prescribed During Bariatric Surgery…Killing Patients

Some doctors are simply overprescribing meds and some of these prescribed drugs during Bariatric Surgery are killing people.And the fact that this is a $24 billion dollar industry, I don’t suspect the problem will be going away anytime soon. That means we have to take matters into our own hands and become better informed about our health, both in terms of preventive care and treatment. I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust your doctor or that they are out to get you, all I’m saying is that ultimately YOU are responsible for your health. Not to mention, sometimes doctors are misinformed as well. Of course, there are some bad apples in the barrel, but that goes without saying.Note: To be clear, I am not a doctor or medical professional, this is a modest opinion from your average consumer.Our healthcare system is upside down with inefficiencies and fairly damaged because of the for-profit model we use. This will always lend itself to corruption and greed.I trust Big Medical and Big Pharma as far as I can throw them.These days, instead of educating us and prescribing diet on exercise, physicians prescribe medication for Bariatric Surgery.

Of these, we want to bring your attention to one called Omeprazole that is used for the reduction of gastric acid during bariatric surgery.

Some version of digestive disease affects tens of millions of people every year.I actually have some experience down this path where I was having stomach problems and treated the problem with antacids, but even these only target symptoms and not the root cause/issue.

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