When Autism Spectrum Disorder Child falls in love with Snow White

Child falls in love with Snow White With

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mother is moved to tears as her toddler with Autism Spectrum Disorder the fairy tale heroine at Disney World, A mother has shared a touching video that shows the moment her  two-year-old son with autism spectrum disorder ‘fell in love’ with Snow White. Amanda Coley, from North Carolina, says she weep after watching the joyful encounter between her son Jack and the fairy tale character during a trip to Disney World in Florida. She says Her child is non-verbal, meaning he has difficulty speaking, and is normally embarrassed with people he does not know.

But that all become different when Jack met Snow White, and he broke into a immense smile while talking to her.  The video, which has been seen more than six million times, shows how the toddler, clothed in an adorable Pinocchio costume, rests his head tenderly on her shoulder.He gazes up at her lovingly before putting his head on her knee, clearly feeling completely de-stress in her presence.

Mother Amanda posted on Facebook: ‘This is my 2 year old – Jack. He doing nothing with any of the characters on our Disney vacation in November.’You see, he has autism spectrum disorder and is non-verbal. He is on the shy side with people he does not know. ‘THEN… he met Snow White. I must have weep 1000 tears watching his interaction with her. He was in love.’

Amanda, who has two autistic sons, has now set up a page called Disney Adventures & autism spectrum disorder following the unbelievable reaction to the video.On the page, she explains: ‘Disney World is our joyful place! Everyone that knows us will tell you that in a heartbeat. ‘Having two boys with autism spectrum disorder does not make every trip the easiest in the world. They each have their problems but Disney goes above and beyond to make sure they are cheerful and are made to feel just like every other kid.’I’d love to share our incidents with you all in hopes of at least bringing a smile to your face or showing you that Disney can be an amazing place, even for a child with disabilities.’

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