Guidelines for Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery

Rehab should include intense mobility-task training for stroke patients with walking limitations. Stroke survivors should be given individually tailored exercise programs to improve their cardiovascular fitness after rehabilitation. Patients should be provided intellectually stimulating environments, with access to computers, books, music, etc.   Patients with impaired speech should be offered speech therapy. Eye exercises should … Read more

New Drug Bring Hope For Those Who Are Fighting Pcos

Women affected by the common fertility disorder Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are having better luck getting pregnant with the drug . This drug is far from a fertility drug used for fertility treatments. It is, in fact, a drug used to treat women who have breast cancer. But it is also effective in helping women … Read more

Adult Stem Cell Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

  After years of medication management of their rheumatoid arthritis, many patients are left with pain and limitations from joint damage caused by RA. Evidence Supporting Adult Stem Cells to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis     The following study by Gonzalez et al. suggests that adipose (fat) derived stem cells are “attractive therapeutic candidates” for RA and … Read more

Secret Facts You Should Not Overlook About Autism

    1. Autism is the common term used to refer to Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a developmental disorder that involves abnormal development and function of the brainPeople with autism show decreased social communication skills and restricted or repetitive patterns of behaviors or interests. (Throughout the rest of this article autism will be referred to … Read more

Strategies Of Managing Stress For Parents Raising Kids With Special Needs

6 Strategies For Managing Stress 1. Education First and foremost, education is a source of power. Parents should learn everything they possibly can about their special need child’s condition, its symptoms, and causes. Simply learning about the numbers that are affected with this illness or disability will help parents to not feel so alone. They should … Read more