Essential Arthritis Medication Safety Tips Do Not Overlook

best ractice arthritis medication safety tips

1.Arthritis patients Use a single pharmacy as much as possible. As an important safety partner, your regular pharmacist can help halt dangerous errors such as overlapping prescription ingredients or medication interaction problems.

2. Use a arthritis medicines safe to lock up controlled substances or medicines that might be a danger to others or a target for theft. The safe in the picture is the one I’ve used for several years.
3. Make sure your doctor has an updated list of everything you take, including over the counter (OTC), supplements, and herbal medications. Share this information with your pharmacist when you ask her advice.

4. Carry Arthritis Medicatio in carefully labeled containers, preferably in original containers. A pharmacist can provide a small duplicate bottle if you need to carry only part of a prescription.
5. Keep a log of doses taken or count out doses for each day of the week or time of day and place in labeled pill containers.
6. Look over package inserts and store in a file for future reference. If you misplace one, they can usually be found in PDF form by searching online.
7. Teach young children to respect medication as something that can be helpful, but dangerous if not used properly, like cars and stovetops.
8. Dispose of old medications carefully, asking a pharmacist if you are unsure of the safest way to discard. Do not flush medications in the toilet.

MORE EDUCATED medication safety tips

9. Pay attention to whether medicines should be taken before or after eating or whether there are foods that should be avoided with your Arthritis medication because they could increase or decrease absorption. Your pharmacist should be able to help you with this.
10. Pay attention to the maximum daily dosage and the optimal dosing schedule, especially in light of other medications.
11. Know what the active ingredients are in a medicine so you can be aware of proper dosing or which medications contain the same ingredient or same type of ingredient.
12. Know what a medication is for and what to expect. Whenever a new medicine is prescribed, ask: How will this help me? How will I know if it’s working?

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