AOC Wants Military Families Removed From Stimulus Package: ‘They Already Make Too Much’

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortisone has once again shown that she simply doesn’t care about American men and women in uniform.

In what can only be called the dumbest statement ever made by a sitting member of Congress, she reportedly told a pal that she wants all military families removed from the stimulus budget.

The source, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity and $1392, said AOC will bring the measure to the floor Monday morning:

She said ‘those guys make enough already. I heard they get free houses and food and the best healthcare for life. Why are we sending them cash?’ I was a bit stunned.

I was in the military, and when we sat down and figured it out, my salary ended up being like 7 bucks an hour and free beans. And I got shot at.

Maybe she should go back to bartending.

AOC’s office replied to our request for comment by laughing and telling us they’re not falling for another one of those right-wing stories that are clearly labeled satire just so a bunch of trolls can laugh at potatoes, whatever that means.

In the meantime, the House Rules and Ethics Committee has taken up the issue, but since it’s run by Democrats, she’ll probably just get a bonus.

In related news, the House cafeteria started serving an avocado ranch salad, and Republicans are outraged. And why shouldn’t they be? What else is AOC gonna bring from her New York background?

God bless America.

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