5 Surprising Steps To Protect Autistic Children From Drowning

If you have a  Autistic Children and are somewhat active on social media I’m sure you knew that already. Autistic kids wandering off is an absolute epidemic. You’ll see a news story about that happen several times a week.Autistic kids wandering off and then dying, most of the time from drowning, is an absolute tragedy. And happens probably about 6-9 times per year. This has to stop. The wandering off and the dying.  I am so sick of reading about it.  It makes me sick to my stomac.We know that because we’re part of the autism community and have our news feed set to feed us all things autism.
1)  We need to make the general public more aware of the elopement issues and how common they are, perhaps through an awareness campaign.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Maybe we can do it all through a targeted social media / #hashtag campaign.
2) We need to change the laws so that an Amber alert goes out when an autistic kid goes missing the same way one goes out when a kid gets abducted.  Those automatic Amber alerts we get on our smart phones when a kid gets abducted are HUGE!  They hit everyone!  Not just people on social media. We need that ASAP for asd kids who wander!
3) We need to keep fighting for free GPS tracking devices for our kids!  We have one for the king called AngelSense that is amazing! (read my thorough review of the AngelSense device HERE). However, they can be expensive.  There is one called called Project Lifesaver that some cities and municipalities are applying for and giving them to their residents for free.  It seems that there has been more success with folks in the elderly/ Alzheimer’s / dementia world getting them for free, but we need to work harder in the autism community to get one of these tracking devices onto every kid (or adult) with autism who needs it.
4) We need to make new autism parents aware of the elopement and wandering and drowning issues as soon as they enter the autism community.
5)  The fifth way that we can reduce the number of autistic kids drownings is the one that you probably hear about the least.  Get your autistic kids swim lessons asap!  These kids are drawn to water.  It is a fact.  Don’t let that fact scare you away from teaching your kid to swim.

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